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Why are we the only ones in the world?
Uniform background

All the walls of the pool are without projecting parts; they are perfectly smooth-faced and light gray. The corners, bordering, and joints of the walls to the bottom are rounded. One side is a 5 m high wall for full-length photography. Lighting equipment is mounted using a suspension system.

Easily adjust the white-balance thanks to the professional color of the pool walls. Shoot the model when coming up from the water against the background of a high gray wall. You are welcome to experiment on! Edit the video and background by adding the necessary details. It is convenient to work here, with an excellent result!

Large windows

A spacious swimming pool of 7 x 4 m and large built-in windows for shooting. It is convenient to shoot and easy to find the desired angle.

We are the first studio in the world with a window at the bottom of the pool. Shoot fascinating photos when a water mirror is behind the model.

Why are we the only ones in the world?
Sound underwater

An underwater speaker operates in the pool; the model hears the photographer underwater.

Direct communication with the model reduces work time. Shooting is easy!

Photos taken in the studio


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Studio rental for photography, per 1 hour:

11 000 rub 7 500 rub — On Mon-Thu
8 500 rub — On Fri-Sun and holidays

Video studio rental, per 1 hour:

17 500 rub 10 000 rub — On Mon-Thu
12 000 rub — On Fri-Sun and holidays

Turnkey photo session from:

24 000 rub 19 990 rub — On Mon-Sun

Turnkey photo session + makeup from:

Hurry up for booking before the end of July!
The last month of the promotion.
29 000 rub 25 990 rub — On Mon-Sun

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Hurry up for booking before the end of July!
The last month of the promotion.
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Booking online
Студия подводной съемки Oceanstars

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с 10:00 до 22:00

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8 495 795 3333


building 4, Academician Korolev Street 13,

Moscow, 129515

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The reception of calls and presentations of the studio is carried out from 10:00 to 22:00.
Attention please!!! The administrator arrives at the indicated booking time and is not present in the studio all the time.
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